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or accommodation in host families

Students will have the opportunity to meet other Spanish and foreign teenagers, will learn to be more autonomous and will have more freedom to invite friends during daytime.

The residence can be mixed or feminine and both will provide the bedding and towels, as well as access to Wi-Fi.

The residences are very well communicated and located within the urban nucleus, some usually organize sports and leisure activities, to facilitate integration and have regulations of internal regime or mandatory behaviour rules.

Mixed Residence

Located in the center of Madrid. The areas of rooms are differentiated, being common use of the common areas (dining room, study room, TV room and interior patio).

It has double and triple rooms, with full board every day of the week, daily cleaning of the rooms from Monday to Friday plus weekly (laundry services) washing and ironing of all personal clothing.

Female Residence

Located near the University Campus, it has individual rooms, with a full board every day except Sundays and holidays, but it offers students a fridge and a microwave oven.

The students have access to the laundry to wash their clothes and they will have to take care of the cleaning of their rooms.

Accommodation in Host Families

Life with a host family is a great way to immerse yourself in the culture and customs of the country and experience how Spaniards live, practicing the language intensely.


Families are carefully selected, being able to reside in the center or in residential areas, always with easy access to the study center. They offer full room and board all week and weekly washing of personal clothing.

Studenst are incorporated as another member of the family, so they will share the housework with other family members.

The lifestyle of the Spanish families will surely be different from that of the student’s country and its adaptation will provide a great experience.

The family will always be at your disposal to help you and facilitate your integration, establishing a strong bond that will turn this experience into something very enriching and lasting for both parties.



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