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Students attend the equivalent courses that are taught in their country of origin, so take into consideration that Spanish school system lasts 12 years. They will stay in student residences or with host families.

Living and studying with young Spaniards, foreign students will be forced to speak in Spanish all day.

Travelling around the city, they will use public transports, having to purchase the monthly public transport pass upon arrival.

The Coordination

A coordinator or responsible adult will help students in any situation that requires the presence of the same.

A transfer is also planned from the airport to the residence or host family on the day of arrival and vice versa on the day of departure.



The school year in Spain consists three trimesters, beginning in mid-September and ending in mid-June.

Classes are taught in the mornings from Monday to Friday, usually from 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m..

A whole school year

Students will have to validate their studies in Madrid with the Spanish system (an additional cost applies) and take all the Spanish curricular subjects, although some of them are not studied in their home schools.

Methods, didactic strategies and in some cases contained, are different from the schools of origin, but a mobility program abroad has several objectives, in addition to linguistic progress and academic experience, these stays develop in the student the ability to adaptation and responsibility and helps them in the process of developing or growing.

A trimester

It has the same characteristics as those of the school year, but does not need the validation of studies with the Spanish system.

Students will be incorporated into the dynamics of the school by doing the same subjects and activities as the rest of their classmates, being able to take both the first and second trimesters (depending on available places).


It is essential that EU students bring the European health card, but also the program gives the possibility of contracting multi-assistance and cancellation insurance (see annexes).

Students will have a schedule of arrival at the residence at night and those who are at host families will adapt to the schedules of the same. Arrivals after the established time will be communicated to parents, as well as absences and delays to the classes, which must be justified by the student.

The residences counts during the day with responsible personnel for any students need and at night with a security company or concierge that will control the arrival time of the students.

In order to participate in the program, it is essential to sign and accept the internal regulation. Interschools Plus Organization reserves the right to apply the appropriate sanction in case of non-compliance.


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